Senior Protection

Senior Protection

Help feel safe with emergency assistance available at a push of a button.

Personal Response System​

The advanced Personal Emergency Reporting System comes with push button emergency assistance for everyone. Easy to use two-way communication system connects right to a trained operator who can contact emergency units or family and neighbors to provide immediate assistance when needed.

Completely mobile PERS on the largest cellular network with GPS and network location services providing an approximate location and location history


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Numera Libris (S10-2113) with integrated EverThere cloud service is the first mobile health, wellness and personal safety (Mobile Personal Emergency Response – mPERS) solution, that’s auto-emergency aware with advanced fall-detection technology, making it most proactive solution on the market. Download the Libris brochure HERE

Proactive Wellness

Detects falls with utmost accuracy and minimized false alarms. Our fall detection methods are based on multiple motion sensors and proprietary algorithms. Libris mPERS solution can often notify the monitoring center of a fall, even if the individual is unable to activate the button themselves.

Personal Medical Alarms are Ideal For..

  • Seniors who live alone or are alone at times
  • People with medical conditions
  • People with difficulty walking (in danger of falling)
  • Anyone who might need help in an emergency
  • Patients recovering at home after a hospital stay
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DIY Protection started over 13 years ago with the simple philosophy of wanting to protect families across Canada. We knew this meant taking a customer focused approach to security, where we listened to your needs to customize the perfect security solution for your family.

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