Why Should Opt Security System With Professional Monitoring

DIY Security With Professional Monitoring

BUYER BEWARE!! Should a security system be considered a form of protection if it is not being professionally monitored by a central station?

Security and protection can have different definitions to many families, but at DiyProtection.ca there is only one smart and safe solution that is trusted to work.

Ok, back to the original question of “ should a security system have professional-monitoring to be considered protected ? “ In order to answer this question we have to look at several factors. If someone has a DIY security system that they purchased from a retail store or online with no monitoring what exactly can they expect in the event of an alarm.

In the event of a fire or carbon monoxide detection the alarm should immediately sound with the internal siren. This is great if there are people in the home and may be alerted to the emergency, of course this is assuming they are still awake or conscious and not affected by any smoke or Carbon monoxide inhalation.

Unfortunately, that is the extent of the alarm and where it ends if the system is not monitored. The same applies if there is a burglary, the siren will sound, but no immediate action is taking place to safeguard the home and the people in it.

Think of it this way: “ You can build a fence around your home as a safeguard but that does not mean people will not climb over it.. Unless you have an additional deterrent or response system on the other side of the fence, the intruder will have full access and unlimited time in and around your home.

Security systems are great, but without the addition of professional monitoring they can be rendered useless at times.

Three important factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a “Do it yourself” security system. Action, Alert & Response.

1. Action: The security system itself takes action by identifying an intruder or life saving emergency device. A proper security assessment will determine the amount of doors, windows, motion detectors & glass breaks needed. Smoke detectors, Carbon monoxides, Flood sensors and temperature sensors should also be considered in your plan.

2. Alert: How smart is your home security system? In the event of an alarm, who is notified and how fast? If your security system is smart enough, it should alert you as the customer through your smart phone instantly at the same time notifying the monitoring station.

3. Response: Now that your security system has alerted you and the monitoring station of the alarm event you can be assured that an immediate response is taken to help reduce harm or disaster if needed.

At DiyProtection.ca our smart security solution comes with professional monitoring, smart phone access and integrated two way voice. Everything you should expect from your security provider and security system.

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