Tips For A Safer Cottage Life

Tips For A Safer Cottage Life!

If you own a cottage or a second home, you’re living a life that more than half of young Canadians dream of. Second home ownership or the love for “Cottage Life” has seen a boom and is continuously growing with more and more people looking to buy a second home in the woods, on a lake or somewhere countryside. It makes for cheap vacations to escape the city noise, or bring in a little extra income as a rental property.

This mostly vacant property is worth thousands of dollars, are you doing everything you can to make sure it’s safe when you’re not there?

Consider these Tips from our security experts at DIY Protection

Let the local police station know:

Knowing which homes are empty can help the local police pay more attention to vulnerable properties, this makes the police’s job easier and gives you extra peace of mind!

Your Neighbors Are Your Best Friends:

Nothing scares burglars more than a tightly knit and vigilant community. It’s always a good idea to be friends with your neighbors so you can take turns watching each other’s properties when one is not around. Give them your contact info or instruct them to call the cops as soon as they see something suspicious.

Both you and the neighbor benefit from this, as one burglary in a particular neighborhood simply leads to more burglaries in the same neighborhood.

Does it look like nobody’s home?:

Burglars are looking for signs of a vacant home. Years of observing and burglarizing homes give them good practice, and recognizing which properties are empty comes easy. So the best thing to do is make it look like your home! Try to keep a well-maintained yard. Mow the lawn, shovel snow, and rake leaves. If you live far away, you can easily hire someone to take care of this.

Keeping your property in the dark makes for a good target, so keep it as lit as possible. Keep a porch light on or get motion-activated lights that turn on with movement, this makes it easy to spot suspicious activities. You can also invest in home automation equipment like smart lights, door locks, and doorbell cameras.

Check your doors and windows for any weak spots that might make it easy for a burglar to break in. Reinforce existing windows and doors with bars, if needed.

Install a DIY Cottage Security System:

Secure your life’s biggest investment with a complete do-it-yourself home security system from DIY Protection. All our security systems are completely wireless and are meant for remote areas where traditional home security systems installers find hard to reach.

Equipped with the best 24/7 monitoring service in Canada, it doesn’t just sound an alarm but puts authorities on high alert and dispatches them almost instantly.

Our home security system protects your home from more than just burglars. With Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Water, and Freeze Sensors, you know your property is safe from extreme weather and the elements.

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