How Stop Vandalism, Burglary, House Fires & Assault on One Call

Vandalism, Burglary, House Fires & Assault DID YOU KNOW? It Only Takes 1 Call To Protect From All

This is not one of those true stories that you hear from a friend of a friend. On a serious note, many people don’t know or understand that all the power and control to protect is simply one phone call away. I’m here to tell you that you can take matters into your own hands and I mean that literally. DO IT YOURSELF means doing something with your own hands and in my mind taking action rather than waiting for something or somebody to do it for you.

So allow me to back up my words in the headline and systematically show you how to protect you and your loved ones from the threats and elements in and around the home.

Vandalism is the action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property. In most cases this happens when you’re not home so an alarm system protecting the entry points and motion detection within the home can reduce and eliminate vandalism.

Burglary is the entry into a building illegally with intent to commit a crime, especially theft. This happens more often than you think when the homeowners are actually inside the home, posing more threats than burglary alone so home protection is more important than ever. Again a home security system would be the best prevention against the threat of burglary. This all can be achieved by you with Do It Yourself.

House Fires:  Under the current pandemic of COVID19 everyone is spending more time in the home and house fires have drastically increased. The unfortunate part about this is that with the increase of fires the chances of someone being home during the emergency is substantially greater. This only puts more lives at risk, a home can be replaced but a family member cannot. Fire, heat & smoke detectors can be attached to any legitimate security system for added protection. In most cases there is no added cost to add the service, only the cost of the devices to be added…

Assault: Emotions are high even more than ever as the stress of COVID19 and all it brings to our daily lives. Reduced income, earnings and the confinement to our homes bring an enormous stress load to us all. Unfortunately, not all of us are equipped to handle the daily stress and the risk of violent acts are significantly increased. Home invasions, spousal abuse and domestic violence is on the rise and believe it or not your home security system can be equipped with a panic built right into the keyfob that arms and disarms the system.

Fun Fact: Not many people know but Key Fobs have been known to save lives in many emergency situations. Also known as Keychain remotes or panic buttons.

 Medical: I know I sound like a broken record but yes a medical pendant can be added to your security system. It can be programmed as a silent alarm direct to the monitoring station or an alert to your family and keypad. In most cases, there is no added charge for this service, only the purchase of the device so it can be programmed to your system. Keep in mind it only works in and around the home as it communicates directly with the keypad and does not have its own LTE communication. If you are looking for a mobile medical alert device that works anywhere in Canada go to Diy Senior Protection

 Take Matters Into Your Own DIY Hands

 Now that you understand there is no limit to protecting yourself through the Do it yourself process, it is important to know who to call and what to look for. At we take the guesswork out of creating the perfect security solution and giving you everything you need for peace of mind. The process is simple and ensures your security is done right. Having a qualified technician over the phone guiding you every step of the way gives you the support and confidence needed for a solution that makes sense.

 Don’t Allow Intimidation To Get Into The Way

Intimidation is our worst enemy, at we believe in completely arming our customers with the knowledge and experience needed to not only set up the security system but to completely understand and utilize your security on a daily basis.

You Make The Call

The importance of your first call is everything and for that reason, we have professional security consultants who answer your call. No need for worrying about asking the right questions, that’s our job. Our staff is qualified in asking the right questions to ensure you are fully protected with the right equipment and service. Find out for yourself by calling our hotline at 1 844 898 8349 and speak with us regarding the protection for your home and family, the most valuable assets in your life.

Your Security Is Our Priority

Based on the information provided and your choice of product and service we begin setting up the backend work and start the process. Your account is set up with all the necessary information needed to set in place a protocol in the event of an emergency. The necessary password and abort code and the quality assurance that all your personal information is correct, accurate and safekeeping.

Encryption & Safety For Your Security

Our certified technician ensures your equipment is new and ready for action. Every device is set up, programmed and tested for assurance and quality. Communication is key and everything is online with our central monitor station before it leaves our office. This assures the homeowner that all the equipment received by them has gone through a rigorous testing process eliminating any trouble while setting up the system at home. Put The DIY with Protection

Setting up your system should not be frustrating and without the proper support to ensure you are completely set up and protected. That’s why the over the phone installation support call is absolutely important to us. Many companies will have you speak with a calling center agent to help troubleshoot and guide you through the process. The only experience they have is read from a manual or computer. Not, you are guided with a technician that understands and has the experience of in-home installations. All doors, windows and rooms in a home are different and having the experience of installing in the home allows our experienced technicians to assist with more direction and understanding.

It’s Not Complete Until You Say “ I’m Good ”

 Knowledge is absolute power, our priority is to help you every step of the way. We want to make sure you are protected and confident in your new security system. We encourage questions, concerns and input as it is the best way to ensure you are in total understanding of what is happening and why. We walk you through how to use the keypad, your smartphone app and all the devices and services you have purchased.

There is no set time limit on how long the over the phone installation process is as every customer, home and experience is different.

Make The Call That Makes Sense is your number one choice for security in Canada. We offer top-grade security equipment with the most professional monitoring available. Go ahead and make the call so we can deliver exactly what you need.

Stay Safe From All Of Us At 1 844 898 8349

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