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DIY Encrypted Security Systems; Equal Smart Protection

This article will walk you through the definition of smart protection and how to avoid alarm systems that can be hacked or taken over. All Do-it-yourself alarm systems are wireless security systems that utilize a wireless frequency to transmit information.

For example: When a door opens or a motion detector detects movement it will transmit the information to the control panel (keypad) through a radio frequency. This is done through a certain channel that allows the communication to be received. When this information is delivered and unless they are DIY encrypted security systems, there is a potential to jam or even send similar signals through a device working on the same channel.

With the advancement of technology, smart burglars have obtained wireless software and new methods of beating certain security systems that are not encrypted. Let’s face it if the alarm system speaks a certain language and i have the capability of sending a command in the same language then I will have control of it. Perhaps I could disarm the system as a remote keyfob would do in normal circumstances. This could give any smart intruder total access to more time in the home or business they are breaking into.

Before you buy an alarm system that is do-it-yourself ensure it comes from a reputable company and is fully encrypted from the manufacturer.

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If you’re looking for a home security system with an extra level of wireless protection or simply want to be protected against those hacking attempts then choose encrypted sensors.

You don’t need to have a professional installer to know your home is protected, you simply need to acquire the right equipment and understanding for complete protection.

Keep this in mind the next time you walk by the DIY home alarm systems at your local retailer. Your best bet is to call the professionals and let them take the guesswork out for you. They will properly program the system and cater it to your needs and lifestyle, test the system with a reputable monitoring station and full telephone support with a qualified technician ensuring you understand how to operate your system to its full potential.

That is Smart Protection !!

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