Smart DIY Security = Smart DIY Customers

Smart DIY Security = Smart DIY Customers

As any DIYer knows, taking a hands-on approach to home projects has a lot of advantages. Managing the installation of equipment can be an effective way to save money, customize and truly take ownership of an undertaking. Nowhere is this more evident than in the decision to purchase a home security system. Many are unaware that DIY options for alarms are even available. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that any property in need of such a device would require an-in person visit from a specialist or other worker. Many industries lack DIY options but luckily security is not one of them. This is hugely convenient for those that prefer to perform tasks themselves or live in a hard-to-reach area. 

Biggest advantages for DIY: Information: If a company employee visits a residence to install an appliance like a washing machine, they will most likely perform the bulk of the work alone in silence and leave the homeowners with a manual or phone number to call for additional information. They may have time for a few quick questions, but many specialists are on tight schedules and must-visit multiple homes in the same day to maximize their time. Those who choose to select the DIY option will have the opportunity to connect via phone with a dedicated specialist who has no designated time limit. They will thoroughly explain the system and answer any and all questions for the owner. 

Testing: Prior to leaving a property, a company employee will usually perform a series of standard tests to ensure a piece of equipment is functioning normally. However, DIYers can inspect all aspects of their system until they feel comfortable and everyone in the household understands its operation. The telephone specialist can even run through common scenarios such as accidentally entering the wrong code.

Hands-on experience: Usually, any new device will come with written instructions or other data. While helpful, it’s not generally the most effective way to learn. Anyone installing their own system – even one that is simple and quick to set up – will have a much more thorough understanding. This is especially helpful as they can easily train other members of the family.

No waiting: What’s the worst part about getting a delivery? The long wait times! Often packages and subsequent repairmen have long windows of time for arrival at a property. This is irritating to those who cannot adjust their work schedule or live in more remote regions. Once ordered, DIY alarms can arrive the next business day and be activated in less than 30 minutes. 

Privacy:  Unfortunately, some households pursue an alarm system after being affected by a burglary or attempted break-in. In this case, a family might not be comfortable with a stranger in their home right away. Having the DIY option for a high-quality alarm is a helpful alternative.

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