Winter Security Tips for Empty Summer Cottages

Winter Security Tips for Empty Summer Cottages

Judging by the bumper to bumper traffic heading into cottage regions across the country all summer long, there’s no hotter place to vacation during sunny days than a lakefront house. For owners with second-holiday homes, ample time is spent soaking up the sun during the all-too-short season. However, as the temperature drops so does the population in these areas. By the time the first hint of frost arrives, the once bustling towns are practically deserted. While there are endless piles of advice regarding protecting a cottage from harsh winter weather, fewer owners consider the security aspects. Safety is a major concern for homeowners in their main residences but out-of-the-way seasonal spots are often forgotten.

According to industry experts, Cottage Life magazine, break-ins are very common and these owners tend to be less prepared. It’s easy to spend summer weekends relaxing on the dock and barbequing burgers but devoting a bit of time to security could save you money in the long run – not to mentioned a whole lot of heartache.

Remove expensive items: Owners packing up their summer homes should also secure electronics, like televisions and computers. Don’t assume that because the area is quiet, it’s crime-free. Actually, burglars salivate over these types of dwellings because there’s little to no chance of interruption. Pricey tools should also be kept out of sight. Invest in a strong lock for any sheds or take the equipment back to the city.

Maintain the exterior: If you’ve already got a big yard to tend to at home, odds are you ignore your cottage’s. It’s understandable but could cost you dearly. Ensure doors and windows aren’t blocked by foliage or patio furniture. This small move could deter perusing prowlers.

Use an alarm: Because cottages tend to be placed further apart from neighbors than traditional city houses, a surveillance camera could be the only way to have consistent eyes on your property. Considering most owners are away from their vacation homes for half the year, this tool can provide both security and peace of mind for maintenance. The footage can show any weather damage or intruding animals. Plus, owners will be able to see visitors who approach the door in clear, high-resolution.

Invest in locks: Let’s face it, sometimes cottages get stuck with old furniture, mismatched plates, and lumpy mattresses. There’s nothing wrong with shabby décor, but doors and windows are another matter. Good quality locks are a small expense and can give amateur thieves a reason to look elsewhere.

Lights: Interior and exterior lights can fool burglars into thinking the home is occupied. At the very least, no one wants to break into a house when they’re highly visible under a spotlight. Some surveillance systems will come with smartphone-controlled lighting options. Owners can mix-up their lighting routine to throw off anyone watching the house.

Buddy: Have someone from the area routinely check on the house, especially after any big storms. They can check on maintenance issues like overflowing gutters and their tire tracks will also let would-be thieves know that the cottage is monitored. If the area has no year-round inhabitants, a nearby resident can be hired for the task. If the cottage is equipped with a security system, video surveillance can also ensure a completed job.

For low-cost, DIY security systems, call 1-844-898-8349.

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