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When Is A Good Time To Upgrade Your Security System? Take Control Through Our Do-It-Yourself Solution Today

How do you know when your current security system is in need of an upgrade? To be totally honest that depends on your requirements and habits. Here at DiyProtection.ca we have developed a quick survey of questions to help you know if your system currently meets your demands and future requirements. Is home maintenance in your new year’s checklist? With the unfortunate rise of high rates of home burglary across Canada, it is important to keep your home security system updated. You can choose to update your current outdated equipment or replace your entire existing alarm system. Either way, the importance of safety for your family and valued properties need to be protected against burglars, fires, floods and other hazards.

Keeping Up With The Jones…

Can your current security system offer you the home automation upgrades that are currently available today?

Let’s face it, home automation is the future of home security, it creates awareness, saves energy, and of course offers the added benefit of comfort and convenience. Even though home automation can be individually purchased and installed by separate companies the disadvantage to this would be the requirement of having an app for each device from different manufacturers. There are still some apps that have the ability to integrate these devices but they are sub-par compared to having it included with your security system and secure app.

One Step At A Time

The need for a home security system is higher than ever so why not start out on the right track. This means upgrade your current system so that you can automate your home one step at a time. If you call DiyProtection.ca today you can receive your new home automation ready interactive security system for next to nothing with a very low monthly monitoring rate. Secure up to 3 doors as well as a complimentary interior motion protecting sensor for when you’re not home. The system will come with an Ipadstyle “Smart home keypad” that will allow you to control everything from your smartphone anywhere in the world. Built-in features like Bluetooth, LTE, Wifi and Zwave home automation ready to simply name just a few.

Home Automation Is Only A Call Away..

Ok, so you called us at Diyprotection.ca and you received your new upgraded wireless home security system. Now What? Well, congratulations is in order. You now have one of the smartest and secure home security systems available. Anytime you want to simplify your life with home automation it is extremely easy and only a phone call away.

Check out the automation devices that are smart and ready for your security system: SMART ​Automated devices that can be controlled with your new home security system and the best part is you can add on anytime you want to.

Take Action Just In Time For Xmas

Take advantage of the low introductory offer at DiyProtection.ca and get protected at our lowest prices ever. Have our professional technicians program and set up your system so it can be safely overnighted to you and ready for action. Typically from the time you call, we can have you fully set up and running in less than 3 or 4 days from start to finish.

Take matters into your own hands Upgrade your Security System and call us today..

Call DiyProtection.ca at 1844-898-8349

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