Plan & Being Proactive from Intruder Breaks

What Would You Do If It Happened To You?

Home sweet home, it should be where you can take a load off after a long and tiring day, where you can let everything go and feel comfortable and safe. Home is where you should be able to relax and enjoy some peace and relaxation.

Could you still be able to stay calm and be at peace knowing that you are not 100% safe in the privacy of your own home? Would you still be comfortable knowing that there might come an evening that some intruder can break into your home and remove your valuables?

The thought of knowing danger may someday come calling at your front door, back door, basement window or garage can definitely take away the peace of mind and comfort of living in your home peacefully. Home invasions are dramatically increasing in Canada every year and there is no sign of this tragedy slowing down any time soon. Unfortunately, you too can be a target of home invasion someday.

I’m sorry, nobody enjoys speaking about tragedy or accidents especially knowing that it may happen to them. But the intention is to help understand why it happens and remove the target from your home so the intruder walks away rather than taking the chance. The thought of something happening to you simply because you ignored the simple task of preparation or having a plan really makes you think twice and brings you back to the reality of what we live with.

Making A Plan & Being Proactive..

So, now that we understand the dangers that lurk around us and our property, what can we do to help eliminate these threats. For starters, we need to take a good look at our property from the outside with an intruder’s point of view. This will help us see our vulnerable areas that the intruder might see as an easy in and out or penetration to your perimeter.


What you might see as a way for the security company to advertise their services could easily be the best way to deter any thief from even thinking about coming onto your property. Too many customers that go through the process of installing a security system make the cardinal sin of not allowing a sign on their lawn displaying the security company logo as well as any stickers on the windows that are on ground level.

Most smash and grabs and break-ins are determined by less than 5 minutes of glancing or scoping the premises. The decision is made in that split second after weighing the odds of being caught based on the factors of what they see usually at first glance. So you can see how a sign bearing a security company saying the property is protected can easily remove the itch for many thieves to look the other way.

Peace of Mind Starts At Home…

Install your own DIY home security system or a few cameras to get you started. You don’t have to run out and buy a top-of-the-line system to start getting some benefits from a few extra security measures. Start small with a doorbell camera and gradually add components as your budget allows.

The fact of the matter is with ​​ you can get up and running with a complete security system with automation and a camera for less than $150 upfront and half the price of a cell phone bill every month. Don’t forget about the lawn sign and as many stickers as you need to buff up the perimeter.

Listen, even a few battery-powered motion sensors on your doors or window scan sound an alarm and scare away thieves. And those few seconds of warning can be vital to preventing property loss and dispatching help. But nothing beats the comfort of a burglar alarm with automation to help make your life easier and offer you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.

Keep your home safe with our professional DiY home security solutions. The alarm system, cameras, connected door locks and video doorbell camera are designed to work together. Know what’s happening right from your smart home.





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