Christmas Smart Gifts

Unwrap the Gift of Protection & Include Smart Home Under Your Tree

The time for celebration for many of us is quickly approaching. Festive cheer along with the
gift of giving and receiving for many families is on everybody’s mind. So many retail items like
electronic gadgets, toys, cameras and cellphones are usually consumers’ top choice for gifts
during Christmas.

Let’s talk about a Smarter choice..
Smart Home Devices have become extremely popular over the past 2 years and continue to
increase as the new and improved (smarter) devices are introduced. More and more homes in
Canada are incorporating smart home doorbells, lights, outdoor and indoor cameras,
thermostats and smart door locks. It’s becoming difficult to keep up with the current companies
that offer over the shelf items that you can wrap and put under the tree.

Let’s talk about an even smarter choice…
Many smart devices that can be purchased at your local retailer are a great buy for the price but
do they clearly offer you exactly what you need. What are you looking for? If you’re looking for
a doorbell camera that works on a free app? with ok resolution that isn’t encrypted or
protected on a network? then for the price it may be a good fit for you.

But what happens when the product stops working? What kind of service or support can you
expect? I can think of a few companies that I have personally called for support that wasted 2
hours of my life with absolutely no resolution. So when your smart home is filled with 3 or 4
automated devices from different manufacturers what kind of chaos can this create for you as a
homeowner? For starters, you will need 3 or 4 different apps to log into to control these
devices. Sounds like a lot of work to try and control what is considered a smart home. What
happens if one or more of these devices start to give you trouble? Well, now you have different
companies to call to help you troubleshoot. There has to be a better way…

Now let’s talk about the smartest solution…
There is a company that has taken all these considerations and provided a solution to
homeowners in Canada. is a fully licensed security company that offers all the
bells and whistles that conveniently packages security and smart home devices into one
convenient platform. Imagine the power of controlling your security system and all smart home
devices with an all in one app on your cell phone. Convenient automated protection.
Ordering a new security system with smart home devices is easier than you think. All it takes is
a quick phone call to 1-844-898-8349 and by answering a few questions you will have a smart
security system programmed and designed specifically for your home by a professional security
consultant and technical certified programmer.

Wait, It doesn’t stop there…
Upon ordering your new system you will have all the tools and resources available to you to
simply setup the finishing touches for your smart security system when you receive your solution
equipment that is ready for setup. This makes for a great gift that can be wrapped and placed
under the tree..

Why instead of over the shelf or other companies?
Professional Security Monitoring
● Encrypted Security Devices
● Smart home automation experts and support
● High quality Products & warranty.
● Certified Technical Department
● Little or no cost upfront for equipment

So if your thinking about giving the gift of protection this year? Give yourself peace of mind
and choose for all your smart home needs..

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