Reasons for Not Using a Security System

Top 10 Most Common Reasons for not using a Security System

When homeowners start using an alarm system, the device quickly becomes part of their daily routine. Much like grabbing a lunch bag and locking the door, arming the device develops into an automatic task, effortlessly fitting into a family’s hectic morning. There are many valuable arguments for purchasing this tool, but some are reluctant. Understandably, there are misconceptions and confusions surrounding the technology that causes skepticism among those who may benefit from the installation. Below are some of the most common Reasons for not using a Security System – and how these misunderstandings could be endangering your safety.

10. My neighborhood is safe

While occupants should feel comfortable in own home, the likelihood of a burglary shouldn’t be underestimated. The sad fact is, residential robberies take place every few seconds and victims are unlikely to forget the difficult date.

9. Burglar alarms are too expensive

Like any technology, security systems do come at a price. However, some alarm companies offer customizable features, so you’re not paying for functions you’re not inclined to use. Additionally, the financial cost of a break-in is substantial. On average, over $2,000 worth of cash and goods are stolen during a robbery.

8. I always lock the door

Routinely securing entry points to a house is a good habit, but unfortunately, it’s not a deterrent. Even modern locks are surprisingly simple to open without a key and most robbers force their way inside homes through front doors and windows.

7. Security systems are too big and bulky

Older models of alarms were indeed large and conspicuous. Newer versions are smartphone controlled and easily integrated with other smart devices such as the Nest Learning Thermostat.

6. Insurance will cover the cost of any break-ins

This is true, an insurance company will most likely fork over some cash to cover stolen items. However, you may have to pay a deductible before receiving a claim and don’t be surprised if your premium increases. Also, read the fine print to discover if the company will pay for the value of your possessions or the decreased costs based on years of usage – there’s a big difference. While home insurance is a must, consider that most will provide a substantial discount if you have an alarm system.

5. The technology is too complicated for me to use

With the multitude of features available with modern alarm systems, this is a common misconception. Smartphone apps make operation easier than checking email and voice control features mean you can simply tell your system what to do!

4. I’m too busy in the mornings, I’ll forget to set an alarm

Between waking up the kids, making breakfast and locating your lost keys, it’s a miracle anyone arrives to work at all. Because you can control all aspects of your alarm system from an app, you can control household functions, like locking the door, even if you’re already at work.

3. I don’t want a stranger in my home

This is completely understandable, especially if a resident has just experienced a break-in. Luckily, there are do-it-yourself alarm options that provide easy installation and setup.

2. Security video footage is too grainy and low-quality

If you’re a fan of police TV shows, you’d assume that any video surveillance would be like watching TV through a dirty window. However, doorbell cameras actually offer high-resolution recordings. In fact, detectives have used clips from these devices to locate prowlers.

1. I live in a remote area and I can never get installation appointments

Living in a rural community can make scheduling in-house repairmen a real challenge. Luckily, do-it-yourself security systems are a convenient solution to this common problem. Fully programmed alarms can be shipped to the homeowner and easily installed regardless of the address.

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