strangest break ins

The strangest, most off-the-wall break-ins

Burglaries at homes and businesses happen every day and because most targeted spots lack an alarm system and video surveillance, responding officers have no idea what they’ll encounter. On a particularly memorable Friday night, police received a call reporting an attempted burglary. Although most thieves are never found, cops had no trouble spotting the criminal duo. The men were heavily intoxicated when they impulsively tried to burgle the house of  acquaintance, but without masks they simply drew on their faces with what turned out to be permanent black marker. The unusual disguises allowed police to quickly locate and arrest the men who confessed that they were attempting to scare the homeowner. Instead of a fright, cops enjoyed a good laugh at their unusual mugshots.

Many people are guilty of oversharing details of their lives on social media. For one burgeoning criminal, announcing his future plan to rob a local grocery store led law enforcement to one of their easiest arrests ever. After detailing his scheme to snatch crash from the shop, police quickly nabbed the crook, who had just taken a few hundred dollars from the store’s cashier at knifepoint. He was sentenced to four years in jail after investigators used their indisputable evidence.

It’s common for law officers to offer cash rewards for public tips relating to open investigations. The lure of such a reward can lead to valuable information that investigators might not otherwise discover. While these postings typically lead to an influx of clues, they don’t usually come from the suspect themselves. After discovering a wanted poster with his likeness, a man approached authorities to confess his involvement in the crime, in a bid to claim the money. Though he technically fulfilled the stipulation of the reward offering, he was instead arrested.

The thought of a burglar hiding inside a closet when the residents return home is downright terrifying. A couple entered their house after a night out when they were startled by the sound of muffled laughter. The apparently-funny husband had just told a joke, to which the concealed thief couldn’t help but giggle. He was apprehended shortly thereafter.

Video surveillance is an increasingly popular part of home security. Doorbell cameras can record attempted break-ins with high-quality digital footage. Such was the case for one unlucky thief who was easily identified by his unfortunate tattoos. Though most skin art is distinctive, this particular man took it a step further. Police were able to locate the burglar in record time from his large neck tattoo which displayed his full name and birth date.

During a break-in at a Texas store, a thief decided to make a dramatic entry. Rather than sneak through the front door or window, he instead crept onto the roof. While making his way across, the tiles gave way and the burglar plunged through the ceiling, landing in the middle of the shop. Because of the ear-splitting ruckus, police were quick to arrive at the scene. The likely-bruised crook managed to escape but failed to steal any valuables.

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