Top 10 Safest Cities in North America

Relocating in 2019? Here are the Top 10 Safest Cities in North America

For many, the notion of a safe city is an oxymoron. Large cities are more synonymous with crime than as an ideal location for settling families. However, a variety of rankings show that major hubs and their surrounding suburbs are some of the least dangerous places to live. For those considering a move in the new year, keep the following cities in mind.

  1. Toronto – Canada’s biggest city is also its safest, according to experts. The bustling metropolis ranks high for personal welfare as well as cybersecurity. A major hub for businesses and growth, Hogtown, as it was once charmingly nicknamed, is a great spot to settle.
  2. San Francisco – Despite its sky-high housing prices, residents of the seaside locale love this tech-friendly location. Known for its walkability and diversity, it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs launched empires in its vicinity. Neighbouring San Jose is also an extremely safe location.
  3. New York City – This city’s placement on a positive list would have been unthinkable in the 1980s when the rampant crime took over the boroughs. These days the upscale island retains its unique appeal while losing its dangerous reputation.
  4. Quebec City – The unbeatable combination of low unemployment and living costs skyrocketed this historic town to the top of safety lists. The winding cobblestone streets evoke an earlier era while a bustling restaurant scene keeps hip urbanites happy.
  5. Cary – Never heard of it? This North Carolina municipality is a hidden gem for those seeking a new home base. Though largely unknown, this small city holds bragging rights as one of the safest in America. Residents have a 1 in 1,560 chance of falling victim to a violent crime compared to the most dangerous cities like St. Louis where the odds are astronomically higher with 1 in 30.
  6. Naperville – With a population of about 145,000 this Chicago suburb has the best of both worlds with access to the windy city and over 130 local parks.
  7. Planto – Much like the previous entry, this city lies just outside a major metropolitan area, in this case, Dallas. Serving as a hub to several large corporations, this well-to-do suburb is the preferred home for football-loving families.
  8. Virginia Beach – This oceanside haven is a picturesque spot to put down roots. If the low crime rate doesn’t sway potential residents, the housing prices sure will. The average cost for a home is $257,000 – a bargain in other cities.
  9. Greenwich  – In this ritzy Connecticut city crime certainly doesn’t pay as the abundance of safety records are exceeded only by the income levels of its inhabitants. As the richest city in the entire state, many homeowners commute to nearby NYC for work.

Ottawa – Canada’s capital city is more than a tourist stop for those visiting the Parliament building. It’s also a fairly danger-free home for those living in the urban area. Despite its high population, even vacation guides mostly caution against encountering road rage in snowy traffic jams.

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