Life Safety Is More Important Than Ever During COVID 19

Life Safety Is More Important Now than Ever

Life Safety Is More Important Than Ever

With the current stay at home situation that the authorities have implemented due to the COVID 19 epidemic, more and more people are self-isolating and working from home if at all possible. The new alert encouraging people to self distance is the best possible way to reduce the chance of contracting the disease, however with more and more people staying under the same roof increases some of the day to day threats that occur in the home.  

Everyday Threats In The Home

What was once an empty house during working hours has become a full time crowd at home during this isolation period.  This means more cooking, more electricity and more appliance usage than ever spread out over a 24 hour period. Let’s face it, even our scheduled sleeping times have dramatically changed along with our current lifestyles.  Keeping all this in mind we cannot avoid the reality of increased house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and to top it all off emergency response for those who need 24 hour help at the push of a button. 

Please don’t take this information the wrong way, this is not some sales tactic in order for families to call and spend a lot of unnecessary money on items that are simply a luxury.  The simple matter of fact is we all deal with different threats in the home and as our current lifestyles have changed only increases the odds. The information that I will be talking about are devices that are important to have in place now (if they have not already been put in place) and will continue to keep you safe long after this virus has expired. 

Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide, Flood & Freeze

It’s one thing to have a house fire when nobody is home but what about under these current conditions where we are all at home.  Many homes are built with smoke detectors but as they expire from life expectancy the home owners tend to put it off or remove the batteries as they find it annoying to hear the beeps to alert for replacement.  This is serious and dangerous as they will not have any protection of being alerted in the event of a fire. Before running out to the nearest hardware store and purchasing new ones think about this as an alternative.  Why not go the extra mile and have a security system put in your home that includes fire monitoring for less money up front than it would cost to purchase just the smoke detectors at your local retailer. 


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Cost Effective Protection That Lasts

Think about it this way, you can go out and spend up to $600 on obtaining smoke, CO, flood and freeze detectors that will have to be installed by you and in the event of an emergency hope that you can hear the devices call out in the form of a beeping sound. Why not go one step further and get a total protection plan that offers peace of mind. This way you have a burglary system protecting your doors, motion detection for in the home, a touch screen keypad and included as a bonus a new monitored smoke / heat detector.  All this equipment would be absolutely free with any of the monitoring plans you choose. The only upfront cost would be a one time charge of $99 so we can set up your account, activate the sim card in your keypad and have you set up for monitoring.  

Burglary, Emergency Panics & Fire Safety

Not only will you be protected through ADT monitoring but you will have full access to your security system online and through our smartphone app.  Instant notifications, alerts and changes can easily be done from anywhere in the world. Arm, disarm, set up scenes, notifications, alerts, user codes and so much more. Want video ?  No problem you can add a doorbell camera, inside camera which both devices offer two way voice and motion recording. Worried about your outside area ? No problem you can have outdoor cameras added to your solution as well.  Keep in mind the video and automation devices can be added at an additional cost at the same time.  

Security product Delivery Within an 8-hour Window

No Touch Sales & Installation Process

Don’t worry about waiting for an installer to come to your home, we will deliver your new system right to your door that is ready to go.  Remember, we are with you every step of the way, you’re never alone as our certified installation experts and consultants are always standing by to get you protected the professional way. 


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