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Doing something yourself does not mean you have to cut corners in order to achieve results and save a lot of money. When someone says “DIY” their first thought or impression is usually some back yard mechanic with his own tools or a homeowner taking on a project to enhance their home while saving thousands of dollars.

Well, at least the second part is usually true, most homeowners will tackle small to medium-sized projects at home to save money and have a better understanding of their home in the process. If something needs a fix quickly, then that experience can kick into gear and resolve a problem quicker than perhaps calling a plumber or electrician for example.

What does that mean for Do it yourself homeowners, renters or cottagers that want to take charge and put in their own security system? I can’t speak for a lot of companies here in Canada, but I can give you the low down on a specific company that has mastered the process of offering DIY Security.

DiyProtection is a division of Alarm Guard Security, a company that has been protecting homeowners across Canada for over 17 years. They are a major player in the Canadian security industry and master dealer of ADT which is now ADT by Telus. You might be asking yourself “How can a company offer the same quality service through a Diy Process?”

The answer is simple, when you currently have a successful company like Alarm Guard Security that protects thousands and thousands of customers every year it allows the company to offer the same resources, equipment and service it currently demonstrates across Canada.

Here are only a few of the great expectations a customer can expect from an elite company like Alarm Guard Security and its fast-growing division DiyProtection:

  1. Professional grade security equipment that is only available through the security industry and not your local store or online shop.
  2. Technical & Installation department that can offer the full step by step support needed every step of the way.
  3. Quality and assurance that the equipment is tested, programmed and assembled exactly to each customer’s individual wants & needs.
  4. The Process to handle a cost-effective way with low monthly rates that makes sense for all customers no matter their location within Canada.
  5. The best monitoring available and its as if you hired a company and paid for a professional in home installation but over the phone.
  6. Fast, Free, Safe and insured shipping right to your door.

What is the process? What can a customer expect when they order a security system from DiyProtection?

Let’s start with the first point of contact. Every customer that calls our inbound centre is greeted by a trained security consultant that can assist anyone with designing a security system to protect their home. The most important part of their job is to ensure the security system is designed specific to the customers interests, needs and wants.

Once the layout of the home is evident they are able to adjust for the best possible price with the lowest special offer and the right monthly monitoring security package. The same questions are applied whether the consultant was in your home assessing except this time they are over the phone guiding and requesting the information to set up the perfect system and solution.

As a customer the most important thing to remember is that you are in control of how secure you would like your family and home to be. We as security consultants, technicians and experts can only recommend the solution that makes sense based on the information provided. Do you want to secure your home like a bank with every inch of your home secured? Keep in mind banks pay thousands and thousands of dollars to secure their buildings.

Or are you more interested in securing your doors with trap zone protection within your home with a smart keypad, smartphone app and absolutely no cost upfront on the equipment? The control is totally within you and your budget and keep in mind you can upgrade your system at any time as long as you are being protected by and ADT by Telus monitoring.

Without giving away our trade secrets on every process we implement on every customer that orders our DiyProtectection solution, simply give us a call today for more information at 1 844 898 8349 and speak with one of our certified security consultants for the right security solution that fully protects your family and fits your budget. “Giving the homeowner total control and peace of mind.” 1 844 898 8349

Proud Division of Alarm Guard Security Protecting Homeowners, renters and businesses across Canada 1 866 282 3331

Senior Protection Are you Canadian? Are you over the age of 60? Do you want to retain or gain back your independence? Call Senior Protection today for more information 1 855 252 4992

We keep seniors safe and living with peace of mind and independence through our Mobile Personal Emergency Response System. If you qualify you could receive a pendant with free shipping and no upfront cost. Check it out:


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DIY Protection started over 13 years ago with the simple philosophy of wanting to protect families across Canada. We knew this meant taking a customer focused approach to security, where we listened to your needs to customize the perfect security solution for your family.

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