DIY Projects you Should Never Do Yourself

Don’t Try this at Home: DIY Projects you Should Never Do Yourself

Watching a home renovation show or flipping through a design magazine can be downright intoxicating. Outdated and crumbling rooms magically transform into Instagram-worthy spaces in less time than it takes for pizza delivery – or so it seems. Your favorite DIY outlet may gloss over the messier parts of a project, making it seem like a toolbelt and hammer is all you need to create a picture-perfect result. Though house-related DIY projects are enormously popular, not all ideas should be attempted single-handedly. Complex electrical work, intricate pipe networks, and heavy building materials are all challenges that test even the best handyman. Botched efforts can increase your budget, reduce your home’s value or even send you to the hospital. Below are makeovers best left to a team of professionals.

  • Knocking down a wall: The idea of taking a sledgehammer to an unnecessary wall seems like an utter joy. If you’re planning to expand a room you may think that destroying a barrier is the easiest step of the transformation. However, load bearing walls are not always obvious so it’s best to check with a contractor or risk a ceiling collapse later on.

  • Granite counter tops and other hefty materials: Beautiful granite-topped kitchen islands become the star of the room. The price of the stonework alone is costly enough, so it may be tempting to skimp on labor. Attempting an installation could very quickly cause injury and damage to the product – making the entire project a huge hassle.
  • Fiddling with an electrical panel: Amateur fingers on this vital box could cause a world of headache. It goes without saying that wiring is a complex process. In addition to this, you may not know that certain work requires a permit and taking the DIY approach could be a red flag for prospective buyers when you decide to sell your home.
  • Roofing: After a big storm it’s not uncommon to see a scattering of roofing tiles on the lawns around your neighborhood. While it may seem easy to climb up a ladder and quickly fix a few small issues, it’s worthwhile to call a professional. Small leaks or loose pieces seem minor but are not worth taking a plunge off the roof. Professionals have specialized safety equipment and though expensive, their results will last much longer than a novice attempt. If that doesn’t sway a wannabe-handyman, consider that roofing is one of the deadliest professions in America.
  • Plumbing: Let’s face it, nothing gets used more than the kitchen sink. So when there’s a clog it’s easy to convince yourself that a quick peeks inside the pipes can fix the issue. If you have previous plumbing experience that may be the case. For most homeowners it’s not removing pipes that causes a hitch – it’s putting them back together. Small pieces and interconnected tunnels can easily become jumbled causing you to incur a larger plumbing bill that would have resulted with your original problem.
  • Basement Flooding: This is one of the most common home maintenance issues. After a rainfall, puddles of water form on the floor of a basement. Though the source of the issue is likely foundational, the large expense of such a repair is enough to send any family to the nearest hardware store in search of a quick fix. Sadly, any DIY solution will only act as a Band-Aid. In the meantime, keeping your gutters clear and downspouts pointing away from your home will greatly help the situation.

Though many potential do-it-yourself projects can wreak havoc on your budget and safety, some are easier than you think. No homeowners should be without a security system. Though the installation of these devices may seem impossible without a professional, it’s actually one of the easiest setups in your house and will only take a few minutes – even if you’re not a seasoned DIYer. If you’re looking to save money, live in an out-of-the-way area or simply prefer to install the system yourself, visit or call 1-844-898-8349 for a free quote.

This could be the most important DIY you ever attempt.

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