Why is it Important to Have Home Security Cameras

DIY… What About Security Cameras?

As crime and theft with homes and businesses continue to get stronger and stronger, the need for security increases as well. Although security personnel is great it just might not be in the budget, businesses need another form of security that isn’t quite as costly. Crooks can spot an individual without a problem, which is where security cameras come into play also.

Security cameras are very popular these days, coming in many shapes and sizes. First you need to decide on whether you will be installing a hard-wired or WIFI wireless camera. Keep in mind the wireless WIFI cameras are not wire-free as they still require one wire for power purposes. For the average do-it-yourselfer, with the proper guidance doesn’t have to be an unbearable task.

wireless security Cameras are a great way to monitor remote video. The system camera will transfer signals through a LAN adapter or wireless network onto a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address. This can be a great way to keep a watchful eye on your property while you are on vacation or out of town.

You might be wondering if this is secure and if anyone else can hack into your video camera? Well, you’re right. Depending on the camera and application being used so you can monitor them, will determine how safe they are.

The cameras that work with home surveillance systems are power-driven, normally by 12-volt transformers that plug into the normal household plug. They are very powerful cameras, as even the slightest amount of movement will activate the motion sensors in the cameras. Once the camera has been triggered, it will immediately start recording video, send a notification, and store the footage in the cloud.

If you’re looking for security cameras for your home or business, and are up to the task with setting them up yourself for that added protection, then keep reading to learn how and where you can achieve this elite type of peace of mind.

Security cameras have been around for many years, gaining their reputation and popularity with businesses. As years went by and they became more affordable, people began to use them in their homes. A security camera at home can be a great way to protect yourself from burglars and break-ins, keep an eye on the babysitter, or just monitor things while you are away. Security cameras are very affordable and they can easily give the peace of mind in knowing that your home is protected no matter where you go.

Encryption Is Key

Let’s talk about how you can achieve a high level of security for your application (the app that will allow you to see your live and saved footage) at a fraction of the real cost but keeping the highest level of encryption of security possible. Currently, DiyProtection.ca can answer all these questions through our peace of mind (Control + Video Home Package). Our next article will cover what is included in our business package

How would you like to receive up to $1200.00 in security and video equipment for your home or business at absolutely no equipment cost whatsoever?

Check out what DiyProtection.ca, a proudly owned and operated Canadian security company can offer you for your home with no upfront equipment cost.

Canadian security company

>1 Smart Touch screen Keypad (Included with our package): Features Include 7” LCD Touch screen, built-in backup battery, 110 decimal siren, LTE cellular encrypted communication, personalized user codes, face recognition disarm photos, Bluetooth disarming, built-in glass break, built-in panel motion, 4 day weather forecast, built-in 5MP Camera and full automation-ready for door locks, thermostats, lights and so much more…

3 Wireless Door / Window Sensors (Included with our package): Features Include Encrypted S-Line sensors, RF, supervisory signals, open and close signals that alert keypad for voice and sound chimes with so much more including mobile app…

1 Wireless Motion Detector (Included with our package): Features Include Encrypted S-Line sensor, RF, supervisory signals, Activated and Idle signals that alert the keypad and mobile app.


1 Smart Doorbell Camera OR 1 WIFI Indoor Camera: Features Include: Live and recorded video to your secure smartphone app, built-in audio and two way voice to talk and listen, encrypted protocol over WIFI and security app. The doorbell cameras will replace your existing camera and if you choose the indoor camera instead it can be affixed anywhere or use it as a mobile camera anywhere in your home or business.


The above equipment can be yours today when you select our control + video home monitoring package starting as low as $40 per month when you qualify for our added discounts that apply.

DiyProtection.ca will program and test the equipment based on your needs and will pay the total cost of secured shipping overnight. This is not where it ends and you’re never alone, with full access to our certified technicians over the phone, you’re in great hands.

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