Do it Youerself Security Equipment Installation

D.I.Y Off The Shelf ? Or D.I.Y Done Right ?

If your home had a water leak under the sink from a pipe, would you call a plumber? How about an electrical issue? Would you call an electrician? 95% of Canadians would make the call without question because it makes sense and why jeopardize the integrity of your home and family safety. The same should apply when you are looking for a security system to protect your home, contents and family.

So why should home security be any different? When it comes to the protection of your home and family leave the equipment on the shelf at the retail stores where it belongs. This does not mean you should pay high fees for equipment and installation. No, there are options available but how you select them is the key to your success and protection. Just because something is represented as DIY “Do it yourself” it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it all alone.

So, Who Are You Going To Call For DIY Home Security?

Call 1 844 898 8349 @

At we believe in checking all the boxes that ensures total and complete protection for you and your family. We make sure all the elements and important factors are used such as Equipment – Service – Support

A reputable DIY security company will provide the following:

Equipment: The security equipment securing your home including life safety devices that will monitor for smoke & CO poisoning should come from a reputable security company and not a discount retailer. The importance of leading-edge interactive security solutions that provide superior performance and reliability will make the difference when it counts most. Quality built and encrypted security with a full warranty…

Support: If you have trouble with any of the equipment or troubleshooting a problem with the equipment, would you rather speak with someone at a call centre or a company that has trained security consultants?

Service: Some companies may have the right equipment and even support but do they have what it takes for service? At our service is performed by trained and certified technicians who are helping you every step of the way. Your equipment is pre programmed and tested before shipped to your door. You can select a date and time where an over the phone installation is performed by a professional. From start to finish the service is by your side and helping you every step of the way…

What Are You Waiting For?

Contact today and let us handle your security needs. The process is smooth and professional as you should expect from a security provider..

  1. CALL 1 844-898-8349 To Personalize Your System: It’s all about you. We’ll tailor a system around the unique security needs of your home, family, and lifestyle.
  2. Choose Your Plan: A DIY home security system is simply not secure without having a 24\7 professional monitoring service. 5 Diamond Monitoring….
  3. Real Protection Is On It’s Way: Our DIY Experts will guide you through every step, from the moment you open the package to being completely setup. This includes Security, Video and Full Automation.

Don’t accept any less than the real protection you and your family deserve. Call the professionals @ Today!!

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DIY Protection started over 13 years ago with the simple philosophy of wanting to protect families across Canada. We knew this meant taking a customer focused approach to security, where we listened to your needs to customize the perfect security solution for your family.

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