Security Product Delivery Within an 8-hour Window

Delivery within an 8-hour window? No thanks!

If there’s one universal thread that connects of all of humanity, it’s that every single human being, from gentle grandmas to giggling toddlers, hates waiting. Even when there’s something good at the end of the delay – like a server dropping off a steaming plate of pasta at your table in front of your drooling smile – waiting is excruciating. Nowhere is impatience more evident than in the demeanor of young kids. Children in anticipation of nearly anything positive will stomp their feet and emit loud whines in unabashed frustration. Let’s face it, if it weren’t frowned upon in polite society, many adults would do the same.

Although a lack of patience is characteristic of any age range, it’s even more apart in today’s modern technologically-advanced world. New gadgets make it seem as though delayed gratification is a thing of the past. Delivery? Express! Money transfer? Instant email! House alarms? Hold on! Home automation systems are popping up everywhere but although their features seem straight out of The Jetsons, the path from purchase to your home still seems stuck in the past.

For many home-based systems, installation is a lengthy process involving days of shipping, waiting and installation. Scheduled home visits come with a window of several hours, if not the entire day. Most people can’t afford to lose a full weekday peeking through the blinds for an approaching stranger with a tool belt. What if hairdressers and dentists scheduled appointments the same way? We’d probably be walking around a city full of folks with long hair and no teeth!

Of course, the alternative would be a Do-It-Yourself scenario. With today’s home automation and security systems featuring a multitude of complex capabilities including motion sensors, video monitoring, and automation, the idea of a DIY approach can seem harder than painting a 4-bedroom home with a toothbrush.

There are actually different levels of DIY. For some, it means painstakingly performing every task by hand with a Pinterest-level flair. With the popularity of home renovations shows and décor magazines, it’s understandable that every person believes they can very easily work magic with a tool belt. But before you take a sledgehammer to the wall, hang on! This DIY home alarm system should only take a beginner about 10 minutes to install. At that point in a home renovation tv show, the homeowners would still be knee-deep in drywall. A trained technician will also stay on the phone with you to answer any questions and provide simple, step-by-step instructions. Plus, the entire system is pre-programmed before it arrives at your door so all the heavy lifting is already done.

The wireless security system, like all the latest technology, is also easy to order with simple and affordable payment options. So where’s the catch, you might be wondering suspiciously? Often, great online deals come with high shipping costs and long backlogs. There’s nothing worse than excitedly ordering a package only to be told there’s a delay of several weeks and a multitude of shipping options – all at additional costs. Don’t worry, your system will be shipped by the next business day for free.

So stop waiting! Call 1-844-898-8349 for a FREE quote.

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