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5 Must-Haves Elements For DIY Home Security Providers

If you are currently looking for a professional Home Security System Provider but without having an installer come to your home and set it up, then your viable option would be to opt for a DIY Do-It-Yourself security system. With over 17 years of experience in professional home security we have compiled what we believe are to be the most important 5 elements to look for in a reputable DIY Home Security provider:

    1. Installation Process
    2. Customer Service
    3. Technical Support
    4. Professional Monitoring
    5. High Grade Security Equipment

1. Installation Process: You might be asking “what do you mean by the installation process ?” Well, this is the most important part of the Diy process. Somebody has to program the security equipment and set it up in your home. A well streamlined process should be established by the company you select or it can all fall apart before you even get set up.

Your equipment should be programmed by a certified technician before it even arrives at your home. Any company that sends you the equipment and says good luck should be discarded and thrown in the garbage. Let’s use the well known Installation process as an example of the perfect solution to look for.

  • Certified Technician programs and tests all equipment before
  • Video’s should be available to you as an introduction of what to expect
  • Tracking & Welcome email should be sent to
  • Over the phone installation should be available with a certified technician
  • Online agreement so you can have everything in writing

2. Customer Service: Customer service is an integral part of any company and should not be overlooked when selecting the right service provider. The most important thing about customer service is that it is not being provided to you by a third party resource. Any company you choose should have it’s own customer service department internally with it’s own divisions such as billing department, credit department and administration to mention only a few.

Remember to ask the sales representative when first placing your order for the different department phone numbers or extensions so you have them if the need ever arises.

3. Technical Support: Let’s talk about who is going to help you out of a jam or serious problem. Even though you may only have a simple question or trying to find that solution to a common problem, technical support is very important and a must have for any Do-It-Yourself program.

Again, without sounding like a recording it is very important to make sure that the technical support is a division within the company and not some calling centre that will redirect you and possibly not be able to help you. Many companies use 3rd party technical support and it definitely shows in their service. One thing to remember is the 3rd party company has many more services they offer and security may not be a part of their expertise support. The last thing you want is to call someone that is simply going to refer to a manual, you could have done this prior to calling. You want a company that has certified staff with expertise installing the equipment you are calling for support on.

4. Professional Monitoring: Currently, while some facets of the security and monitoring industry fall under codes, standards or regional regulations, there are many areas of the industry without standardization of services. While this variation can provide a competitive differentiation, it can also result in confusion for the consumer as they attempt to determine which service best fits their needs.

Monitoring centers that are committed to the highest standards in the security monitoring industry are monitoring centers designated as 2020-2021 TMA Five Diamond.

5. High Grade Security Equipment: Lastly but absolutely not the least important is the grade of equipment that is being offered by the Diy security solutions provider you are selecting. Steer clear from over the shelf products that anyone can purchase from a local retailer, this will eliminate the wannabe diy providers to the true professional ones out there.

Here is an example to help you better understand why:

 If you are interested in having Italian food for dinner tonight and will be ordering for delivery. Are you going to look at a sushi place that might offer some form of lasagna or will you be going to the source and looking at Italian restaurants? only uses the highest grade in equipment, and our manufacturing company for security equipment believes technology can improve your life. From smartphones to computers, having access to information when and where we need it makes us smarter, more efficient, and more connected. Nowhere is this more significant than within the walls of our homes.

If you’re looking for a Pizza then please call a Pizza restaurant… But, If you’re looking for the best Diy home security provider?
 Then Call us Today !! 1 844 898 8349

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